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Your reefer carrier
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China COSCO Shipping Group was founded in Feb 2016, which is to take global shipping, integrated logistics, and shipping related financial services as core business, and develop diversified industrial clusters, so as to build a world-leading business entity that provides integrated logistics and supply chain services.The total fleet capacity of China COSCO Shipping Group ranks No.1 in the world.COSCO SHIPPING Lines was founded in Mar 2016, affiliated to China COSCO Shipping Group, which is a global container liner service provider involved in a diversified business. Its container fleet capacity ranks the fourth in the world.COSCO SHIPPING Lines always market-oriented and in favor of the satisfaction of the clients, COSCO SHIPPING Lines advocates the valuable ideas of Good Global Honesty, Prominent Achievements, Dedication to the Society and Realization of Mutual Benefit under the pressure of intensive market competition. The Company has won widely-spread reputations among consigners and all walks of life by applying the latest international service ideas and methods to improve the service quality. For years, COSCO SHIPPING Lines has won such laurels as Carrier of the Year, and Line of the Year decided on by institutes of authority home and abroad.

Growing fleet

COSCO SHIPPING Lines owned/con­trolled more than 300 modern con­tainer vessels totaling over 1598,000 TEUs at the end of 2016.

Extensive coverage

COSCO SHIPPING Lines operated over 200 international shipping routes、over 30 domestic services and over 80 overseas feeders connecting more than 240 principal ports across the world.

Global network

COSCO SHIPPING Lines has formed a global structure with Shanghai as headquarter, 9 offices in China (Dalian, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen, South China, Hainan, Wuhan) and 9 oversea regional companies worldwide (North America, Latin America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, Australia, West Asia, Africa). It owns over 400 branches in 76 countries.

Social responsibility

Taking the initiative to assume social responsibility, COSCO SHIPPING Lines has established a management system and long-term mechanism for fulfilling the Global Compact and their social responsibilities. The company was awarded Board of Harbor Commissioners of Long Beach—-Green Flag Award for consecutive years, ‘The most socially responsible shipping enterprise award’ by China Freight Transport Annual Conference Committee, and the prize of ‘Exceptional Bravery At Sea’ by International Maritime Organization.

Further to offering competitive transit time based on global service network with local experience COSCO SHIPPING Lines keeps improving professional competition in carrying reefers by but not limited to growing reefer fleet, sustained training reefer team and upgrading reefer technologies which benefits for a higher market value of your goods.

Expert team

COSCO SHIPPING Lines has around 30 years experience in carrying reefer containers. Now a dedicated team in COSCO SHIPPING Lines with more than 100 reefer experts worldwide offers integrated shipping services with technical support

Reefer capacity upgrade

COSCO SHIPPING Lines fleet has at least 360 reefer plugs per vessel on average. COSCO SHIPPING Lines continues increasing the ratio of reefer plugs on vessels under order. COSCO SHIPPING Lines reefer container fleet keeps expanding by 15% yearly in the past five years which makes the average age of reefers down to 3 years old. COSCO SHIPPING Lines offers three brands refrigerants with unique functions meeting your unique demand

Customized Cold-chain

Thanks to COSCO SHIPPING Lines global logistic platform, COSCO SHIPPING Lines provides customized cold –chain logistic comprising customs clearance trucking and rail with GenSet cold store operations.

Environment Care

COSCO SHIPPING Lines keeps replacing aged reefers by new ones featuring lower power consumption or upgrading reefers with energy saving technique such as CARRIER QUEST. Refrigerants installed in all COSCO SHIPPING Lines’s reefers are CFC-free.

Reefer container features


The power supply used must be 380 volts/50 Hz to 440 volts/60 Hz. The power cables used are fitted with ISO standard CEE-17 plugs.

A consistent airflow(cool or warm) is delivered from bottom via vents across the whole cargo to ensure a perfect exchange with the goods. Internal corrugated side linings and T-bar on floor are better for air circulation.

20’RF 40’RH
Internal Dimensions (mm) L
Cubic(m3) 28.418 67.984
External Dimensions (mm) L
Maximum Gross Weight,
Payload and Tare Weight (kg)
Door Opening Dimensions (mm) W

All of the data above are just for reference since COSCO SHIPPING Lines reefers were producted in different year.



The power supply used must be 380 volts/50 Hz to 440 volts/60 Hz. The power cables used are fitted with ISO standard CEE-17 plugs.

A consistent airflow(cool or warm) is delivered from bottom via vents across the whole cargo to ensure a perfect exchange with the goods.

Airflow delivery from bottom:

Reefer inner structure diagram

We care
what you care

We care what you care

Exact temperature, humidity, atmosphere, stowing and compatible commodity mix in reefers are crucial to preserve the quality of your frozen and fresh goods during transit. Reefers can just maintain but can not improve its quality.


  • Wider temperature setting range. COSCO SHIPPING Lines can offer reefers with temperature setting range high up to 30°C and low down to -35°C such as Thermo King’s MAGNUM PLUS.
  • More precise temperature control. The probes measure the temperature to a degree of accuracy of ±0.25°C ( ±0.4°F).
  • Multi-temperature function COSCO SHIPPING Lines offers up to six different temperatures of reefers during a voyage for products that call for a variation.


  • COSCO SHIPPING Lines can offer reefers with humidity range from 50% to 98% which could protect your goods from desiccation (water loss) and weight loss in a low relative humidity or encouraging bacterial growth and producing physiological disorders in a high relative humidity.


  • COSCO SHIPPING Lines offers reefer with ventilation volume from 0 to 260m3 per hour in general.
  • COSCO SHIPPING Lines offers Thermo king’s AFAM plus and Carrier’s EAuto fresh with Automated Fresh Air management which uses a small motor and a gas analyzer to set the fresh air exchange based on CO2 and O2 levels.
  • COSCO SHIPPING Lines can offer Carrier reefers with Controlled Atmosphere (CA) upon your special demand.

24 hours remote monitoring
system (RECON)

  • Remote monitoring system(RECON) is facilitated in all COSCO SHIPPING Lines vessels. Any problem can be detected and solved the moment they occurred even in the worst weather on sea. By enabling reefer monitoring to take place in a safe office environment, REFCON helps to minimize the number of accidents and injuries in the workplace.

Need your participation
from beginning

Stowage guide

  • Pre-cool products to desired temperature before stuffing.
  • Set the reefer point at a temperature what is required by the cargo during transit. The lower temperature could not expedite the cooling process or it damage the cargo.
  • Keep reefers inside clean. Floor, special in T-floor, must be free of shrink wrap and paper debris which could block the air flow or suck in evaporator.
  • Require not to pre-cool the empty reefer container except there is tight duck between the cold store and the reefer during stuffing.
  • Turn reefer off when stuffing. When hot and humid air enters the reefer, after reefer run for hours moisture condenses could ice up on cooling coil which could reduce cooling effect and damage cargoes till defrost cycle completed. (See figure5)
  • Do not load cargo above the red line (See figure4). Do not load cargo beyond the end of the T-floor. Do not block the evaporator inlets (returning air).
  • Distribute the weight evenly and cover the entire floor (See figure1,2, 3). In order to force air up and around the cargo please fill the gap with dunnage and cardboard if necessary. Cover the gap on the floor by some type of filler . (See figure4)
  • Total cargo weight is not allowed over the maximum payload of the container.
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4
Figure 5
Turn reefer OFF when stuffing with door open

Checklist for frozen cargo

  • Package:The packaging material of frozen cargo must be crush-proof without air holes to support a stacking height of up to 2.4 metres because of the heavy
    cargo weight.
  • Stuffing:Simply solid block stowage. The cartons should be stacked directly on top of each other to take advantage of their strength in the corners.
  • Ventilation:Close fresh air ventilation and turn off humidity indicator.

Checklist for fresh cargo


Require symmetrical holes at both the top and bottom of packaging in order to remove the heat/water vapour, carbon dioxide and ethylene produced by respiration after harvest.

Recommend wax-impregnated cardboard for humidity fruits and vegetables.


Stow cargo evenly covering entire floor in order to avoid short circuit airflow resulting in insufficient cooling of the cargo.

Do not block the fan of evaporator and ventilation hole.

Do not load incompatible commodities together. The ripening procedure of different commodities commenced under different atmosphere composition. Carbon dioxide (CO2), ethylene and other gasses breathed out from incompatible commodities could speed up the ripening procedure to decay. The list of incompatible commodities is for your reference on tables.

Temperature, ventilation and humidity

Correct pre-treatment of goods before shipping and optimal temperature, ventilation and humidity during the voyage will keep your products in perfect conditions.

The desired temperature, ventilation and humidity level depends on cultivar, growing conditions and maturity of your products. The parameters and recommended settings of temperature, humidity and ventilation, etc are for your reference on tables.

Controlled Atmosphere technique

Controlled Atmosphere is a more technically advanced form to extending storage life in which the atmospheric composition in reefer is precisely measured and controlled during the entire voyage.

CA is quite expensive and does not effect to all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Lifespan of apple, pear, banana, peach, green onion, guava ,ect. can be extended significantly by using controlled Atmosphere.

Fresh fruit

CommodityTemperature °CHumidity %O2 Min %CO2 Max %Fresh air exchange
Annona Species, Sugar Apple & Sweetsop7.29016550 (30cfm)
Annona Species, Atemoya12.890111050 (30cfm)
Annona Species, Cherimoya12.8951110100cmh (60cfm)
Apples general-1 to 0.69519275cmh (45cfm)
Apple, Braeburn09520175cmh (45cfm)
Apple, Fuji09520.50.575cmh (45cfm)
Apple, Gala09519275cmh (45cfm)
Apple, Granny Smith0.69519275cmh (45cfm)
Asian Pear, Nashi1.19519225cmh (15cfm)
Avocado, Fuerte,Hass590111050cmh (30cfm)
Banana, Green14.49516525cmh (15cfm)
Cantaloupe2.29531825cmh (15cfm)
Cherries, sweet09561525cmh (15cfm)
Durian, Ripe4.490111050cmh (30cfm)
Durian, Unripe12.89061550cmh (30cfm)
Grapes09561525cmh (15cfm)
Grapefruit, Dried areas14.49516550cmh (30cfm)
Grapefruit, Humid areas10-16.190111025cmh (15cfm)
Honeydew melons7.290111025cmh (15cfm)
Kiwi fruit09514725cmh (15cfm)
Lemon & Limes11.190111025cmh (15cfm)
Lychee2.29516525cmh (15cfm)
Mangoes12.890111050cmh (30cfm)
Oranges, FL Valencia1.19016525cmh (15cfm)
Oranges, CA Naval59016525cmh (15cfm)
Oranges, AZ dry areas8.99516525cmh (15cfm)
Papaya12.890111025cmh (15cfm)
Peach/ Nectarine095111025cmh (15cfm)
Pears, general-1.19518-201-325cmh (15cfm)
Pear, Anjou-1.19520125cmh (15cfm)
Pear, Bartlett-1.19518325cmh (15cfm)
Pear, Bosc-1.19520125cmh (15cfm)
Pear, Comice-1.19520125cmh (15cfm)
Persimmon09513825cmh (15cfm)
Pineapple12.890111025cmh (15cfm)
Plums09516525cmh (15cfm)
Rambutan12.29591250cmh (30cfm)

Incompatibility of perishable cargoes

Fresh vegetable and Flower bulbs, cuts, potted plants

CommodityTemperature °CHumidity %O2 Min %CO2 Max %Fresh air exchange
Asparagus2.598111060cmh (100cfm)
Bell Pepper7.29816525cmh (15cfm)
Broccoli098111050cmh (30cfm)
Cabbage09815625cmh (15cfm)
Celery09816525cmh (15cfm)
Corn, sweet09861575cmh (45cfm)
Cucumber, pickling4.49516550cmh (30cfm)
Cucumber, pickling12.290111025cmh (15cfm)
Eggplant11.195111050cmh (30cfm)
Flower Bulbs1770201250cmh (150cfm)
Flowvers, cut095192125cmh (75cfm)
Flowering Potted plants1595201125cmh (75cfm)
Foliage, Asparagus and leather leaf Ferns1.195165125cmh (75cfm)
Garlic070111025cmh (15cfm)
Lettuce, crisphead09820125cmh (15cfm)
Okra7.295111075cmh (45cfm)
Onions, green09822050cmh (30cfm)
Potato, late59820125cmh (15cfm)
Potato, early12.895111025cmh (15cfm)
Summer squash (Zucchini)7.295111025cmh (15cfm)
Tomato, firm ripe109016525cmh (15cfm)
Tomato, mature green12.89518325cmh (15cfm)

Dairy and other commodities

CommoditiesRecommended temperatureHumidity control
Butter0 to +2Off
Butter (Frozen)-20 or colderOff
Cheese0 to +4Off
Cheese (Fresh)0 to +2Off
Ice cream-26 or colderOff
Milk (cultured products)0Off
Chocolate+10 to +18Off
Individually quick frozen products (IQF)-20 or colderOff
Juice and Concentrate (deep frozen)-20 or colderOff
Margarine0 to +3Off
All other frozen foodstuff-20 or colderOff

Fish and meat

CommoditiesRecommended temperatureHumidity control
Fish (Chilled)-1 to 0Off
Fish (deep frozen)-20 or colderOff
Fish products ( lightly preserved)+1Off
Fish products (semi preserved)+2Off
Shellfish (deep frozen)-20 or colderOff
Meat (deep frozen)-20 or colderOff
Meat (fresh, chilled)-1 to 0Off
Meat (manufactured)-1Off
Meat products (chilled)-2Off
Poultry (chilled)-1Off
Poultry (deep frozen)-20 or colderOff
All other frozen foodstuff-20 or colderOff


Rooted in China,
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Excellent in Europe,
Service for Global


feeder services


River-sea multimodal
transportationt in China


European feeder services

  • Depend on barges, trains and truck services, we cover important inland point of Europe/Mediterranean, provide consignee prefect integrated logistics service.
  • Rotterdam / Hamburg: More than 80 feeders covering more than 60 out-port of North-West Europe.
  • Barcelona / Napoli: North Africa feeder, covering Algeria, Morocco, Tunis and Linya.
  • Napoli: West Africa feeder, covering Nigeria, Ghana, Cote d’ivoire.
  • Piraeus: Butterfly feeder AFS, covering the Balkan; feeder MSX, connecting with Turkey.
  • Constanta: covering Russia and Ukraine.
  • Port Said: Mediterranean feeder, covering port Alexander, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and port Mersin, Turkey

River-sea multimodal transportationt in China

  • Yangtze River Basin
    130 ships,
    40 ports,
    240 voyages/week,
    39,000 TEU/week
  • Pearl River Basin
    215 ships,
    141 ports,
    1000 voyages/week,
    110,000 TEU/week

South-North Services
East-West Services

South-North Services

AUS/AUZ Services (N) — Fruit/Frozen Meat Express
  • Fast delivery from Tauranga to South China, Japan and Korea
  • Services cover both Eastern and Western Australia, 9 services in Australia trade, offering direct services on 41 Port-Pairs
  • The only carrier has two direct services from New Zealand to Northeast Asia
New Zealand Servicesb (N)
Transit time: (Days) Lyttelton Napier Tauranga
Tokyo 14 12 11
Kobe 16 14 13
Busan 17 15 14
Shanghai 19 17 16
Yantian 22 20 19
Hongkong 16 15 14
Singapore 21 18 17
Australia Service (N)
Transit time: (Days) Sydney Melbourne Brisbane
Yokohama 14 17 11
Osaka 16 19 13
Busan 18 21 15
Ningbo 21 18 13
Shanghai 19 16 11
Shekou 20 17 12
Hongkong 21 18 13
Qingdao 20 23 17
Kaohsiung 17 14 9
South-East Asia Services (S) — Fruit & Vegetable Express
  • Provide direct call service from North and South China to Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines Singapore, ect.
  • Plenty of feeders, covers Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, Bengal.
  • 18 services on Far East/ Northeast Asia-Southeast Asia, offering direct services on 190 Port-Pairs
Transit time: (Days) Qingdao Ningbo Shekou Hongkong
Jakarta 11 7 5 4
Port Kelang 12 11 3 5
Singapore 10 5 3 3
Manila 7 3 3
Laem Chabang 9 8 6
Ho Chi Minh 7 4 3
Surabaya 14 16 8
Far East/East coast of South America (E) — Frozen Fish & Meat Express
  • Services cover Brazilian 6 main base ports (Itaugai, Santos, Paranagua, Rio Grande, Navegantes and Itapoa), Argentina and Uruguay
Transit time: (Days) Santos Montevideo Buenos Aires Paranagua Rio Grande
Singapore 24 36 32 27 30
Hongkong 29 40 37 32 34
Shanghai 31 42 39 34 36
Ningbo 33 44 41 36 38
Yantian 36 47 44 39 41
Far East/West coast of South America (W)—Fruit/Frozen Meat Express
  • Good quality service with a wide coverage of main countries in the west coast of South America, such as Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala and Costa Rica, etc.
Transit time: (Days) Guayaquil Callao San Antonio Puerto Quetzal
Kaohsiung 32 28 34 40
Yantian/Shekou 34 26 36 42
Hongkong 35 27 37 43
Ningbo 38 30 39 46
Shanghai 39 31 41 47
South Africa Services (E) — Fruit Express
  • Provide fast, convenient inland transfer services from South Africa to Jo’burg.
Transit time: (Days) Durban Cape Town
Singapore 14 17
Kaohsiung 29 25
Hongkong 32 28
Port Klang 23 15

East-West Services

Far East/Europe Services (W/E) — Vegetable/Frozen Meat & Fish Express
  • The largest member of biggest Asia/Europe capacity alliance.
  • Asia/Europe weekly service and 7 Asia/Mediterranean weekly service.
West Bound (AEU3)
Transit time: (Days) Rotterdam Hamburg Antwerp
Xingang 34 39 42
Dalian 32 37 40
Qingdao 31 36 39
Shanghai 28 33 36
Ningbo 27 32 35
Singapore 21 26 29
East Bound (AEU3)
Transit time: (Days) Shanghai Xingang Dalian Qingdao Ningbo Singapore
Rotterdam 36 40 42 44 47 53
Hamburg 31 35 37 39 42 48
Antwerp 28 32 34 36 39 45
West Bound (AEM1)
Transit time: (Days) Piraeus La Spezia Genoa Fos Valencia
Qingdao 28 31 33 36 38
Shanghai 26 29 31 34 36
Ningbo 24 27 29 32 34
Kaohsiung 22 25 27 30 32
Hong Kong 20 23 25 28 30
Yantian 19 22 24 27 29
Singapore 14 17 19 22 24
East Bound (AEM1)
Transit time: (Days) Jeddah Colombo Singapore Honk Kong Qingdao Shanghai Ningbo Kaohsiung Yantian
La Spezia 15 23 27 32 36 38 40 42 44
Genoa 13 21 25 30 34 36 38 40 42
Fos 11 19 23 28 32 34 36 38 40
Valencia 9 17 21 26 30 32 34 36 38
Piraeus 4 12 16 21 25 27 29 31 33
Trans Pacific Services (W)—Fruit/Frozen Meat Express
  • 16 services from Far East to West coast of North America, 9 services from Far East to East coast of North America and us Gulf.
  • Have the 18 direct call ports at West and East coast of North America.
Transit time: (Days) USWC USEC
Los Angeles Vancouver Seattle Oakland Savannah New York Boston
Qingdao 17 18 16 22 29 29 34
Shanghai 13 14 13 19 24 25 29
Xiamen 13 19 17 18 37 33 38
Yantian 14 13 16 18 28 28 34
Hongkong 15 15 18 20 30 30 33
Singapore 26 27 13 30 32 27 36
Far East – Middle East/Red Sea Express (W) — Fruit & Vegetable Express
  • 6 services on Far East-Middle East/Gulf Trade, offering direct services on 66 Port-Pairs.
  • 3 services on Far East-Red Sea Trade, offering direct services on 20 Port-Pairs.
Transit time: (Days) Shanghai Shekou Singapore Qingdao Ningbo
JJeddah 21 15 10 22 19
Sokhna 23 18 13 26 22
Jebel Ali 17 12 8 19 16
Dammam 23 16 12 23 20
Karachi 15 13 8 17 14
Colombo 10 9 5 25 12
Nhavasheva 16 11 7 18 14
Japan, Korea, Taiwan Services
  • Cover all of Japan, Korea, Taiwan container ports, provide timely and safely and high frequency services.
Global Reefer
Business Contacts

Contact for Spain

David Garrés+ 34 93 304 71 02david.garres@coscospain.comSpecial Trades Manager

Reefer Business Contacts COSCO SHIPPING LINS GSD / Reefer Marketing & Sales Department

Mr. Chen Yang0086-21-35124888*1818chenya1@coscon.comGlobal reefer marketing, sales and price strategy
Mr. Song Li0086-21-35124888*1809songl1@coscon.comEurope/Med, and Atlantic reefer marketing, sales, pirce
Mr. Li Haibo0086-21-35124888*1807lihb@coscon.comTrans Pacific reefer marketing, sales, price
Ms. Jin Jue0086-21-35124888*1810jinjue@coscon.comAsia Pacific reefer marketing, sales, price
Mr. Yang Pinzhong0086-21-35124888*1806yangpzh@coscon.comSino-Japan and Coastal services reefer marketing, sales, price
Mr. Tang Sheng0086-21-35124888*1832tangshg@coscon.comArrange the transportation of equipment and technical support
Ms. Yang Wenxi0086-21-35124888*1815yangwx@coscon.comSouth-East Asia services reefer marketing, sales, price

Global Reefer Business Contacts

DalianMr. Tian Ye0411-82777737tye@cosfredl.com
TianjinMr. Wang Hai022-23338888-632wanghai@cosfretj.com
Ms. Li Yuan022-23338888-292/293liyuan1@cosfretj.com
QingdaoMr. Sun Liguo0532-80883135sliguo@cosfreqd.com
Mr. Zhang Kai0532-80883509zhangkai@cosfreqd.com
ShanghaiMs. Wang Lili021-65968613wangll2@cosfresh.com
Mr. Shen Wei021-65968702shenwei@cosfresh.com
NingboMs. Tong Pengpeng0574-89079014tongpp@cosfrenb.com
WuhanMr. Luo Peijie027-68826888-6812luopj@coscon.com
Ms. Liu Xuelai027-68826888-6420liuxl2@coscon.com
South ChinaMs. Chen Hong0755-88286602chenhong@cosfresc.com.cn
Mr. Huang Chao0755-88286671huangcha@cosfresc.com.cn
XiamenMs. Wang Xiaoqin0592-5351863wangxq@coscon.com
HainanMs. Ding Juan0898-68554505dingjuan@coscon.com

Europe RegionMs. Gong Aihong0049-40 360016629gong.aihong@cosco.de
United KingdomMr. Paolo Maiero0044-20 8594 8688MaieroP@coscon.co.uk
GermanyMr. Patrick Esser0049-40 376908 185patrick.esser@cosco.de
NetherlandsMr. Aad de Keijzer0031-10 2248490a.de.keijzer@coscon.nl
BelgiumMr. Robert Massart0032-3 2221509rma@cosco.be
FranceMr. Gilles Braesch0033-1 47585201gpbraesch@coscon.fr
SpainMr. Marc Tobella0034-93 3047 129marc.tobella@coscospain.com
ItalyMr. Stefano Decaroli0039-010 2707227stefano.decaroli@coscoshipping.it
DenmarkMr. Jakob Herloev-Nielsen0045-45160263jhn@cph.pentagroup.com
NorwayMr. Ahmed Ait0047-22479607aai@osl.cosconordic.com
IrelandMr. John Carolan00353-1 6787398jcarolan@seabridge.ie
PolandMr. Marek Olejniczak0048-58 660 99 40Marek.Olejniczak@cosco.pl
GreeceMr. Liu Gang0030-2104290810-365liugang@cosco.gr
EgyptMr. Tan Haiping002-010 2886 6300Tan.Haiping@csegypt.com
IsraelMr. Yossi Levi00972-4 8545433yossi_l@carmelship.co.il
TurkeMr. NURİ KUDUĞ0090-212 367 10 65nkudug@chinashipping.com.tr

North AmericaNameTelephoneE-Mail
North AmericaDave B. Pawlan001-201-4228857dpawlan@cosco-usa.com

Asia RegionNameTelephoneE-Mail
SingaporeCalvin Lim0065-64205757calvin.lim@costar.com.sg
ThailandSethaphat M.0066-2-2611888 EXT.218sethaphat@cosnam.com
VietnamVu Van Truc0084-8-39302299vtruc@cosfi.com.vn
MalaysiaKelvin LIM(+6) 03-5624 4093kelvin@coscon.com
PhilippinesRosemarie Maie R. Song(632)-3118862rrsong@coscophil.com
IndonesiaClara Agustine62-34834118 ext 342claraag@coscon.com
PakistanWaseem Akhter0092-21-305-2222052waseem@coscosaeed.com
West AsiaMr. Wu Jinping00971-4-3555020 EXT.606wujp@coscowa.com
UAEMr Appachu CC00 971 4 4526868appachu@cosraco.com
IranMr.Payam Moradi0098-21-86070430moradi@parsmarine.com
JordanNedal Rashad00962 3 2014217coscon.containers@aqaport.com.jo
SudanAli El Hussein00249 183496042-105Ali,Hussein@wilhelmsen.com
YemenAhmed Dawood00967-3-203903dawood@mideastshipping.com
Saudi ArabiaLi Wei Gaung00966-12-6472237liwg@alireza.com
BahrainShane Mario VanranZow00973 17515050 EXT 512sales.mgr2@shippingbahrain.com
QatarVaibhav Raval974 44484108vaibhav@nsmqatar.com
IraqMr. Abdul Aziz964-7809213044sale-iq@tehamashipping.com
DjiboutiSAFIA HOUSSEIN00 253 21 343890safiahoussein@asldjibouti.com

East AsiaNameTelephoneE-Mail
JapanKenji Kosuda0081-3-63282065kosudke@coscon.com

AustraliaSteven Zou0061-3-93739588szou@cosco.com.au
new ZealandMr. J.S.Kang0064-9-3027393kangjs@coscon.co

Central AmericaNameTelephoneE-Mail
PanamaMr. Xu Zicao00507-6514-8495paul_xu@chinashipping.com.pa
Mr. Peng Shoumin00507-3069727PENGSHM@COSCOPAN.COM
Costa RicaJuan Carlos Rossi(506) 2256 8125juancarlos@medintercr.com
GuatemalaJesus Bravo(502) 2218 0807jbravo@naviomar.com.gt
MexicoMr. Shi Fangfan0052-15564357102shiff@chinashipping.com.mx

South America WestNameTelephoneE-Mail
ChileMr. Huang Chunhui56-2-22292492*201huangchh@coscochile.cl
Mr. Yang Weiling56-9-93272673yangwl@cninashipping.cl
PeruMr. Xie Zikai51 1 4215014xiezk@cosco.com.pe
ColombiaMario Torres57 5 6604740mtorres@oceanicaltd.com
EcuadorFanny Mancilla593-4-2-371172fmancilla@delpac-sa.com

South America EastNameTelephoneE-Mail
BrazilMr. Tan Shumeng55-11-31772856ark.tan@cosco.com.br
ArgentinaMr. Wan Teigen54-11-43430607 ext. 121wantg@coscoarg.com.ar
UruguayMr. Chen Ning598-2-9167998chenning@cosco.com.uy

South AfricaNameTelephoneE-Mail
South AfricaMr. Liui Wei0027-11-6225658liuwei@cosren.co.za
Mr. Chen Kaicheng0027-021 418 0690chenkaicheng@cosren.co.za

West AfricaNameTelephoneE-Mail
NigeriaJi Qing234 (0)8021366666ji@cnshipping-ng.com
GhanaIgnatius AFRIFA233 244311613Ignatius.afrifa@bollore.com
Côte d'IvoireKouadio Blaise225 21 22 03 51Kouadio-Blaise.NGUESSAN@bollore.com
TogoMarcel SOMADO-FOLLY228 22 27 56 12/14sales@cscl-togo.com
BeninBorgia Hounkpatin229 21 31 61 59sales@cscl-benin.com

East AfricaNameTelephoneE-Mail
KenyaMahesh Wanigasekera254-20-2333991mahesh.w@rsske.com
TanzaniaCao Hanzhen255 757 033978hz.cao@sinotaship.com